When it comes to seeing the printing that the customers dream of on their packaging, our graphics department with years of experience, high sensitivity and great communication, have everything required to setup your artwork for the best results possible, both in gravure and flexo. Our error-free production begins with the artwork re-production phase.


Our deep expertise in this field enables us to focus on the needs of each of our customers, provide financial advantages, and most importantly, offer environment-friendly solutions.

Printing (Rotagravure)

We offer printing services up to 9 colors with a printing technique that we can print the most vivid colors to the most-known and widely producing companies of the market. Partial lacquering option is also included in our services.

Printing (Flexo)

We can print up to 10 colors with a high-quality printing technique that can be applied to all ranges of manufacturing volume.


It is a process that enables us to form 4-layered structures resistant to pasteurization and sterilization, as well as simple solvent-free processes. It is also possible to use a paper layer.

Curing Period

Laminated products should be cured rest for 2-7 days.

Quality Control

All of our products undergo frequent and rigorous quality control at every stage of production to ensure that the specifications of our customers are completely met.


The last stage of production is the slitting process where the rolls are resized to the appropriate width.

Pouch Manufacturing

We can manufacture different types of pouches. Stand-up pouches with different types of zippers, flat bottom pouches called “box pouches”, quadro pouches with folded bottom and side gusseted pouches.


We ship the products weighed and packaged based on the demands of our customers in the safest way.

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